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Reception - Da Vinci and Goldsworthy

We would really like to welcome you to our school community and we invite you to take a look at the short video we have made of our Reception setting.  Please also take the time to browse our website which is packed with information about our school.


Personal, Social and

Emotional Development:

We will continue with our jigsaw programme ‘Changing me’.  During this topic we will look at growth and change and how to respect our bodies by looking after them.

Physical Development:

PE lessons will continue in the hall and we will follow the “real PE” scheme. Our final topic is “The Hairy Scary woods” where the children will focus on health and fitness and discuss why exercise is good for our health. We will also be preparing for sports day and the children will have opportunities to practise different skills such as throwing and catching, jumping and running.

We will continue to use work on our independence and encourage the children to put on and take off their own cardigans and jumpers.

Communication and


This term we will be focusing on expressing how we are feeling and how we speak to our friends and the grown ups in reception. We will be demonstrating how fantastic our listening skills are and showing awareness of other people.



This term we will be starting our phase 4 phonics in preparation for Year 1.

We will have a focus on blending words to read and segmenting words to write using the Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt. The children will continue to recap and consolidate their phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words. 

We will read and write complete sentences matched to our phonics knowledge. To do this, we will need to remember phonics, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!   



We will continue to have daily maths sessions. We will be focusing on halving, doubling and sharing. We will also be looking at numbers to 20 by ordering them, saying one more and one less and writing the numerals 0-20.

Understanding the World:

This term we will be learning about our location. To do this we will go on an adventure walk around the school and look at the features of our local environment such as the coop, park, dentist etc. We will also use google Earth to look at some of the landmarks in London such as Buckingham palace, the London eye and Big Ben. We will look at a map of the world and discuss where we are from. It would be a really good idea to look at a map and discuss with your child where they are from as we will be plotting all these countries on a map to show our wonderful diversity.

Expressive Arts and Design:

In music, we will continue to work with Mrs Stott using instruments to build rhythms and accompany songs.  In DT we will be looking at different modes of transport such as cars, planes and trains. We will design our own vehicle and think about the different materials we could use to make them. 

In art we will be looking at different animals from around the world, we will focus on the patterns and use different forms of art to recreate them.

Our role-play areas this term will include a travel agent where the children will have the opportunity to explore the language used in their talk for writing sessions. The children will also have the opportunity to explore our ‘around the world restaurant’ which will include a new theme each week.


Your child will continue to bring home their Barry Bookbag.

Please try and read with your child every day. We will read with the children every other week and we will change their books/word cards each week. Please write in their comment books when you have read with them at home so we know when to change to books.

At the end of term, you will receive ‘Holiday Homework’ with details of next term’s theme and suggested activities you could do to help move your child’s learning forward at home.


Brilliant relationships with families, children and the team.

Explore and investigate

Secure, happy, collaborative pupils

Team knowledge of the Early Years


Directed tasks to reach all children

Active observations to grab every teachable moment

Yearly overview to map objectives …always changing


ELG achieved in line with national expectations

Variety of learning experiences

Engaged learners

Ready to move into their next phase

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