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Welcome to Barry Primary School

Mr Will Brooks, Headteacher

It is my privilege as Headteacher to extend a warm welcome to the Barry Primary website and thank you for visiting. Our school not only strives for high academic standards for children, but we also have the ambition for everyone that is part of our school to achieve their fullest potential in a far broader sense, celebrating creativity, individuality, integrity and diversity.

We are proud of having a long history of putting children at the heart of everything we do and of the close-knit, supportive “family-feel” that visitors to our school always comment on; it is this CARE that forms an integral part of our school vision and values.

Our dedicated staff team, our wonderful children and the excellent relationships that exist between all members of the school community have helped us to achieve our Good status. This website aims to celebrate the broad range of opportunities and achievements at our school, as well as further contributing to the partnership that exists within our lovely learning community.

We hope that you enjoy the site and are as proud of our children’s achievements as we are.

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School News Feed
  • General
    17 September 2021
    It's Good to Grow from Morrisons
    Dear Parents / Carers Morrisons are offering FREE gardening equipment for schools. Please collect the tokens and donate them to school, we will then be able to exchange the tokens for gardening equipment. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Important
    3 September 2021
    End of day collection changes
    Dear Parent / Carer, To support the end of the day collection, we have made some minor revisions to try to improve the flow now we no longer have staggered collection times. Children will be taken in year groups to the playground to be collected at the same place they are dropped off in the morning. Please help keep entrances to the buildings clear to enable teachers to take their classes safely onto the main playground ready for handing over to parents. The car park gate will be open as an additional exit point today; this was not used prior to Covid due to it being a vehicle only access but we would like to keep things running as smoothly and safely as possible. Parents can exit any gate. If your child is in Year 5 or Year 6 and you would like your child to walk home, please complete the parent permission slip on School ping which will be sent out today. It is lovely to see the children back in school and also welcome back families to our school. As always, we continuously review and tweak if necessary where improvements can be made. Kind regards, -- Will Brooks Headteacher Barry Primary
  • Newsletter
    9 July 2021
    Newsletter -9th July 2021
    Dear Parent / Carer Please find attached a copy of the newsletter. Thank you for your continued support.

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