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Physical Education

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The Barry Primary School Physical Education (PE) curriculum remains an integral part of our children’s well-being and is designed on the core value that pupils develop lifelong healthy active lifestyles.  Pupils evolve their confidence and their knowledge of sport and physical education, through a range of skills and sports as well as providing daily opportunities for active play to enhance well-being and readiness for learning. Pupils are physically active and are given opportunities to explore a range of sporting interests in order to establish and grow a passion for physical activity. Pupils develop a range of core skills which can be applied across different physical activities and sports in order to be successful..


At Barry Primary School every child receives 2 sessions of PE per week, for years 3 and 4 this includes 1 swimming session per week. Specialist sport coaches enhance our sport provision by providing numerous opportunities for our children to be involved in sports throughout the school day and in representing our School in a variety of events in our local community. We also work in partnership with Northamptonshire sports and participate in their wide range of sport experiences. Our Year 6 children, in conjunction with our Sports coaches and Northamptonshire Sports, undergo Keep Active crew training to promote physical activity for all ages across lunch times.  In addition, we have invested in a range of equipment and playground markings, which lunch supervisors have been trained to promote use of.  We also offer a range of extracurricular sport clubs.  

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