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History of the School

In 1921, the school changed to become a Girls’ Intermediate and Junior and Infant Schools.  This was followed in 1935 by the introduction of male teachers – this must have been quite a change for the children.  Also in 1935, Miss Agutter became the headteacher; she was here until she retired in 1961.  It is obviously a school that inspires loyalty and long service.

During the Second World War, the Log books show that the school grew bigger when evacuee children moved to Northampton, from places such as Ipswich.  Air raid drills and gas mask drills had to take place, in much the same way as we have fire drills today.

In 1968 the school changed into a Primary School and was provided with indoor toilets. No more frozen systems in the winter! A relief for all, I would imagine. In 1969 a willow tree was planted in the playground. Little could the staff have guessed that many years later the same willow tree would lead to a total redevelopment of the playground, as its roots started to break up the surface in their hunt for water.

The Nursery unit opened in 1971 and the school now had six hundred and fifteen children on roll.  Every space must have been used.

In 1975, the school changed again and became Barry Lower School; children left when they were nine to go to middle school and then upper school.  This was happening in schools all over Northampton.  The school did not use the Annexe - it was used as a computer centre for schools across the town.

In 1977 there was a fire in the school, when all the children were here.  The children were evacuated and the Fire Brigade was called.  Many classrooms were damaged by the fire, but thankfully no one was hurt.

The school finally changed back to a Primary School in 2002.  We started to use the Annexe for our Years five and six children and an ICT suite was added.  This was followed by the kitchen, which has given many of our children the opportunity to cook, including providing a Christmas lunch for our Senior Citizens group.  We also took control of the Sports Annexe at this time, a facility which is shared with other local schools.  Our older children really enjoy using the outdoor sports pitch, both during lessons, at lunchtimes and in after school clubs.

Barry Primary School has evolved and changed over the last hundred years or so.  The unique building and history add to the character of the school and helps to make it the welcoming, vibrant community school that it has become.

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