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At Barry Primary School, we provide our children with a rich and varied curriculum which will develop skills and knowledge. It also encourages critical thinking.  We support children in a variety of ways to make the best possible progress.  However, we know that learning does not only happen in the school day.  The experiences that families provide at home, through clubs, outings and just having ‘family-time’ together are of the utmost value to the children and helps them develop into well-rounded citizens.  Homework is an aspect of school life that tends to divide families.  Some people see it as a valuable part of children’s education whilst others see it as a cause of stress.  Research into the impact of homework on children’s progress suggests that it does not always benefit primary school age children.  However, many families welcome the opportunity to support their children with their learning at home. 

Families can help their children by working on three key areas.


  • All children will have a book to take home from school.  We would like them to read daily.  Please use the Reading Diaries to record what has been read.
  • In Reception, children and adults should share a book or their phonics pack four times a week and comment in the reading diary.  A bedtime story every night is always recommended.
  • In Key Stage 1, children should ideally read every day for ten to fifteen minutes with an adult.  Please talk to your children about what they have read and it is expected parents record this in their reading diaries at least four times each week.
  • In Key Stage 2 children should read for around twenty to thirty minutes.  Ask them questions about the book and encourage them to write the title, date and pages read in their Reading Diaries at least four times per week.  

Phonics and Spelling:

  • Every year group has phonics or spelling patterns that they need to learn and use in their Reading and Writing.
  • In KS1 children will be assessed on a weekly spelling quiz, they will receive a mark and new spellings on the other side for the following week.  Year 1 children will start this after the October half term.
  • In KS2, children will be assessed in a weekly spelling quiz, the test and score for these will be recorded in their spelling books.  Spellings for each half term can be found on your child’s class page on our school website.


All children will have target cards which are sent out in Term 1 and 3, linked to work carried out in the classroom, which parents can work on at home.  These can be found on your child’s class page on our school website.  The children’s progress towards these targets will be checked throughout the year and the targets achieved by the child will be highlighted by their class teacher.  The targets sent home give ideas of how to support children with developing their knowledge of Maths facts.

Year 6

In Year 6, children may also receive Maths and English homework. This will be linked to what they have been practising in class.

Holiday Homework

Children in Reception will be given holiday work to support areas that staff have identified as needing further work or deepen their knowledge.

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