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Our Vision for the Barry Curriculum

At Barry Primary School, we pride ourselves in offering an education that goes beyond the National Curriculum's core skills and knowledge.  It is of course essential that our children develop these core academic skills to prepare them for each stage of their education.  It is equally essential that our children develop as well-rounded young people prepared for life beyond school.  We have high aspirations for our children and have designed a curriculum that looks at education in a broader sense - this is focused around three key areas: Skills & Knowledge, Experiences, Apprenticeship.

Skills & Knowledge

Our 'Skills & Knowledge' curriculum ensures that our children have full access to the National Curriculum programme of study to develop academically across all core and foundation subjects.  In each subject the skills and knowledge are taught progressively, building on prior understanding from year to year.  Topic based learning links the curriculum subjects together, providing a real-life context to support learning and the pursuit of academic excellence.


Children learn through experiences.  In the pursuit of academic excellence, it is important not to lose sight of allowing children to be children!  Our 'Experiences' curriculum develops our children through offering a range of experiences that enriches their learning in a broader sense.  It focuses on enrichment, enjoyment, creativity, social-skills, emotional development and providing children with opportunities to experience the "new' and 'inspiring'.


At Barry Primary School we want all children to have the same high aspirations for their future as we do.  Our 'Apprenticeship' curriculum looks to develop the skills needed in life to be successful young people in future employment.  Covering everything from good manners to good first impressions, the ability to work in a team to voting democratically, it also gives children access to guest speakers sharing what it is like to work in different sectors to inspire and promote aspiration.

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