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Year 1 - Goodall and Tesla

Autumn Term 2021


We will be learning about Place value, addition and subtraction and the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We will have lots of opportunities to apply our learning to solve every day problems. 

When learning we will use concrete objects and manipulatives to help us understand what we are doing.  Alongside this, we will use pictorial representations and when confident, we will record our learning writing calculations.


We will look at a range of fiction and nonfiction texts predicting what might happen and answering questions about what we have read, expressing likes and dislikes.

When writing we will practise writing good sentences. We will learn how to use connectives such as: and, so, but and because to extend our sentences and use descriptive language to add detail to our writing. We will also become authors and write our own stories.


We will learn about popular toys through the 20th century and the early 21st century. We will compare toys looking at their features and the materials they are made of and identify similarities and differences.

We will learn how we can find out about the past and use words relating to the passing of time. We will develop a range of historical skills such as: asking and answering questions, identifying and interpreting different sources and recognising change.

Art and DT

In Art, we will be looking at the art work of Wallisy Kadinsky, Henri Matisse and Quentin Blake.

We will produce some art to celebrate special days and festivals including Firework night, Christmas and Diwali.

In DT, we will be using techniques such as rolling, cutting, moulding and carving to make Diva lamps for Diwali. We will also be learning how to use equipment such as knifes safely when making a Father Christmas using fruit.


Our Homework  

Each week, Year 1 children should:

  • Read daily (5 entries in comment book)
  • Practise skills on my Maths target cards